I'm a 30 year-old writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. When I write, something happens. Call it peace, call it comfort, call it love. Writing provides me access to one of the most powerful tools we have been gifted with, the place where reality meets fantasy; our imagination. This is the place where we can create stories, characters and life as we want it to be. As a result I write stories, articles for magazines, type for businesses. I'm also the dude behind the little indie publishing company The White Signature

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m a writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland and love to use words to inspire others, one word at a time. In a big and bold way I hope my writing encourages, enlightens and awakens you to help you discover the life you are supposed to live. In another way I hope the characters I create in my books, poems and short stories make you laugh your head off, help you get through a commute, grip you in your favourite seat for hours and help you ponder this beautifully dynamic thing we call life. 

My beautiful wife Kerry runs the fabulous stationery company The White Letter. We have a bump on they way and used to have a cat called Rusty until our mother-in-law stole him Well it’s more of an agreed kidnapping where we still buy the food and he sleeps in her utility room).

I’m sports mad - enjoying everything from football to Kabaddi. If it’s on TV I’ll happily watch it and then go out to the garden and try and re-create it. I’m a fair weather cyclist and have the vague hope of one day cycling across Europe in an Arsenal shirt if they ever win The Champions League.


My world revolves around words.