Half Irish is a coming of age love story written in the form of a travelogue. It follows Tyler Sontoro from the busy streets of Manhattan to the empty beaches of Ireland. From gigging in coffee shops in Tribeca to standing on the Cliffs of Moher, busking in Belfast to late night drives with his beautiful summer girlfriend Tabitha, Half Irish takes you on a journey as you rediscover what it means to fall in love all over again and again and again.


I’m a writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland and love to use words to inspire others. In a big and bold way I hope my writing encourages, enlightens and awakens you. I want you to discover the life you are supposed to live. In another way I hope the characters I create in my books, poems and short stories make you laugh your head off, help you get through a commute, grip you in your seat for hours and help you ponder this beautifully dynamic thing we call life.


I Am Arthur is the first of two books in the Hercules Street series. Artur Kamiński is an 11 year-old football crazy kid who moves from Poland to Belfast. Before leaving for Belfast his Granda shows Arthur his old diaries and suggests he keep one when he moves to Belfast. I Am Arthur takes us from that late Summer’s night to Christmas Eve celebrations in Hercules Street. The book is a fast paced, upbeat insight into Arthur’s world. Hercules Street comes to life through the belly shaking Belfast humour that jumps off the pages.